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Commingled Super

When viewing pool details for a Commingled Super, you will find a blue box around the cells that compare the Freddie and Fannie balances and percentages that make up this Super at the lowest level of collateral.

If a Freddie-issued Super is backed by all Fannie-issued Supers, which are themselves backed by a combination of Freddie and Fannie pools, that combination of Fannie and Freddie pool balances will be shown on this page, as well as the overal percentage of balance that is from each agency.

Note the blue Commingled Detail button. This will be explained on the next page.

Freddie Mac Pool SA0019

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Factor and Other History Analytics Geographic Distribution Origination Year Distribution Quartiles and other Loan Distributions Market Prepays Lockup Information Collateral Information Commingled Supers Collateral at Lowest Level
FHLMCPrefix CNFHLMC 55DAY 10YR UMBS (Giant/Supers)
Fannie Pct50.282525%Freddie Pct49.717475%
Fannie Balance8,059,810.99Freddie Balance7,969,238.87
Coupon3.0Issue Date2/1/2020Whole Pool Face30,048,595.00Whole Pool Balance16,029,049.80
WAC 3.545Matur Date7/1/2028
Client FaceClient Balance
Factor0.53343758Factor Date2/1/2021
WAM 33WALA 84Production Year2013Remaining Term89
TPO Pct12.7% (TPO published for 100% of pool balance)Current WAOL Size 157,089
LoanToValue54 %Credit Score751WAOL Term120 moCurrent AOL Size 128,485
CUSIPMax Geo St 16% CAMax Orig Yr 33% 2014
TBA Elig Y
Max St Loans6,810Max Yr Loans8,025Total Loans70,048
Longest Loan7/1/2028Nr of States52Orig Yrs11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18

Original Values (As Of Pool Formation)
Total Loans76,859WAOL Size160,952WAO CS754
CS Pct Missing0.01WAO LTV54LTV Pct Missing0.00
AOL Size132,428

Prepayments 1 Month 3 Month 6 Month 12 Month 24 Month Life
CPR 32.6 30.7 29.6 26.6 26.6
PSA 544 511 494 443 443

Market Prepayment Comparisons
FHLSA0019 vs. FHLN10 3% 2013

InsertedFHLD2/12/2020 6:33:00 AM UpdatedFHLM2/4/2021 4:56:00 PM

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