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Issuance Reports

Most Recent Issuance

You can view the most recent issuance data published, including new issuances from our daily feeds, as shown by Report Date.

This information is provided at the Agency/Product level and includes Megas, Giants, and Platinum pools.

Issuance for Most Recent Report Date
including Megas, Giants and Platinums

Product Issue Date Reported Date Issue Amount Security Count
FHLMC 55DAY 30YR UMBS02/01/202102/12/2021491,015,160.0029
FHLMC 55DAY 15YR UMBS02/01/202102/12/202143,149,797.008
FHLMC MF AMORT BALL02/01/202102/12/20210.002
FNMA 30YR02/01/202102/12/20211,470,296,284.0045
FNMA 30YR03/01/202102/12/202133,144,890.001
FNMA 15YR02/01/202102/12/2021911,302,010.0027
GNMA I 30YR02/01/202102/12/20218,765,351.009
GNMA II 30YR CUSTOM02/01/202102/12/20211,144,052,281.00227

All Issuance

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