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Geographic Exposure

You can view a summary of a given portfolio's Geographic Exposure. For securities with geographic data, this shows a summary of the geographic distribution of the underlying loans based on the balance (RPB) within the portfolio in each state.

By following the link on the state abbreviation, you will see the securities in the portfolio with exposure in that state, and the balance each security contributes to the total portfolio within that state.

This report is reached through either the main Portfolio Selection page by clicking on the portfolio desired and the "Geographic" button, or following the "A" link on the Total line of either the Portfolio Detail or Portfolio Summary page.

Geographic Exposure for Portfolio HOUSEACCT

State% of
FL 12.930.835
CA 12.140.789
TX 8.070.527
NY 4.970.323
NC 4.540.293
SC 4.020.264
IL 3.870.255
MI 3.650.234
PA 3.510.226
VA 3.390.224
WA 2.980.194
OH 2.520.163
MD 2.390.156
GA 2.300.153
AZ 2.200.143
NJ 1.940.123
TN 1.870.124
OR 1.850.124
MO 1.790.112
WI 1.760.112
IA 1.680.114
MA 1.650.114
MN 1.270.082
AL 1.200.083
IN 1.200.081
KY 1.020.073
CT 0.910.063
CO 0.800.052
KS 0.780.053
LA 0.760.052
NV 0.650.043
NM 0.650.043
AR 0.640.043
OK 0.540.033
WV 0.470.031
ID 0.460.033
RI 0.370.023
MS 0.350.022
VT 0.310.023
MT 0.300.022
NH 0.270.023
ME 0.200.012
ND 0.200.011
NE 0.180.012
DE 0.160.012
AK 0.150.012
UT 0.090.012
HI 0.030.001
DC 0.020.001

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