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Pool Analytics

You will find links for some of the different Analytics available by clicking on the Analytics button on the Pool Detail page.

The analytics available depend on the type of security selected.

Following a link will bring up the Analytic page with the data pre-populated for that security.

FHLMC Pool Z50005

P&I Calculator View the latest Principal & Interest Schedule for FHLZ50005, or Calculate future Principal & Interest for FHLZ50005.
Price Yield Calculator Calculate Price, based on expected yield; or calculate expected yield based on price, for FHLZ50005. Allows for variable rates of prepayment.
Mortgage Roll Calculator Calculate cash in, cash out, cost of financing and effective rate of financing for a Mortgage roll for FHLZ50005. Includes financing matrix of effective rates.
Net Money Calculator Calculate Principal, Interest and Net Money for FHLZ50005.
Fail Calculator Calculate the fail days, interest, principal and net money for a FHLZ50005 trade given a final settlement date.
Recursion Check Recursion Analytics for FHLZ50005. (External link to a partner site)

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