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Loan Level Setup

Before viewing the underlying loans of a pool, this page allows you to customize the way (and whether) the data aggregates. In other words, you can specify how you want the loans to be sorted and displayed.

You can save a customized viewing format for future use or choose a format suggested by eMBS.

After viewing results, you can return to this page to change your settings and rerun the report.

Proceed to the next demo page to view the loan-level results.

FHLE02686 Loan Level

Select a Different Security Back to Pool Detail Information
Factor and Other History Analytics Geographic Distribution Origination Year Distribution Quartiles and other Loan Distributions Lockup Information
Select Report
Factor Date 

Date Format Date Range
Number of Months from Pool Issue
Both Date and Months
Aggregate By
Enter 1, 2, 3, etc for field(s) to aggregate by
Leave blank to see all
OrderField NameRange
Loan Purpose (P, R)
Third Party Orig Flag
Property Type (CO, LH, MH, PU, SF)
Occupancy Status (I, P, S)
Number of Units (1-4)
FICO Credit Score
Orig Term
Orig Loan To Value
Prepayment Pentalty Flag
Init Interest Flag
First Payment Date
First PI Payment Date
Maturity Date
Original Note Rate
Rate on Mortgage Note
Net Note Rate
Note Rate at Pool Issue
Pool Issue Net Note Rate
Original Loan Amount (000)
RPB at Pool Issue (000)
RPB as of Factor Date (000)
Doc Type Asset Flag
Doc Type Employment Flag
Doc Type Income Flag
Orig Combined LTV Ratio
Num Borrowers (1 or 2+)
First Time Home Buyer Flag
Percent Mortgage Insurance
Debt to Income Ratio
Metropolitan Statistical Area
Prepayment Premium Term
Loan Age at Pool Issue
Remaining Term
Months to Amort
Seller Name
Servicer Name
Updated FICO Credit Score (Reinstated)
Estimated LTV (Reinstated)
Correction Flag
Government Agency
Alternative Delinquency Resolution
Number of ADR
Total Deferred Amount - ADR (000)
Mortgage Insurance Cancel Flag
Assumability Flag
Property Valuation Method
Loan Participation Percent
Save as a Named Aggregation
Standard (run whenever "All Standard Aggregations" is chosen)

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