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Tranche Level

The Tranche Detail page shows issue information and other details for a single Tranche.


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Deal Amount Issuer
Issue Date 11/1/2011 Underwriter
Series Year 2011 Series 150
Pricing Date

TrancheM CommentGNMA REMIC SERIES 2011-150 M
Cusip38377Y3P3 Factor0.11141199 Factor Date1/1/2021
3.000000 Issue Amount40,000,000.00 Balance4,456,479.60
Issue Date11/1/2011 Maturity Date8/16/2026 Collateral Group1

InsertedG1R 12/14/2011 5:08:00 PM UpdatedG1R 1/15/2021 4:35:00 PM

Tranche Structure for GNMA.2011-150-M (as of Issue)
Tranche Number 1
Number of Components 0
Component of Tranches 0
Tranche Name M
Tranche Principal Description SEQ
Tranche Interest Description FIX
Tranche Other Description NA
Cusip 38377Y3P3
Tranche Face Amount 40000000
Interest Type FIX
Coupon Rate (at Issue) 3
Accrual Rate 0
Treasury Maturity 0
Treasury Yield 0
Treasury Spread 0
Tranche Yield 0
Tranche Price 0
Tranche Proceeds With Interest 0
Tranche Average Life 4.14162
Tranche Duration
Tranche Dated Date 11/1/2011
Tranche First Payment Date 12/16/2011
Tranche Last Payment Date 1/1/1900
Tranche Final Maturity Date 8/16/2026
Delay Days 15
Interest Payment Frequency 1
Principal Payment Frequency 1
Struct Low Pac Band 0
Struct High Pac Band 0
Floater Index NA
Initial Index Value 0
Floater Spread 0
Floater Multiplier 0
Floater Cap 0
Floater Floor 0
Floater Initial Coupon 0
Floater Reset Frequency 0
Floater First Reset Date
Tranche Group 1
Tranche Type
Minimum Denom Amount
Update Source GNRR
Update Date 1/30/2021 2:41:00 AM

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